Values, people, skills.
The Firm.

Prospettiva Diritto.

The shared vision which inspires Federico Viero, Otello Dal Zotto, Simone Veronese and Andrea Massalin in running their Firm is simple: the professional partnership, which admits new staff having well proven skills, is the most effective tool for providing accurate and timely support to its customers ranging from providing a professional opinion up to the drafting of agreements and to defending the rights of our customers before the Court. A single professional, in consideration of the ever increasing complexity of National and
EU legislation, and of the continuing change in case law, is no longer able to offer his service to the market guaranteeing the required expertise and a constant update of his skills.

Why Prospettiva Diritto?

Because this name sums up an idea which inspires and drives, through which we share our vision of the profession of lawyer.
Society grows and changes, often quicker than legislation.
This is the reason why, today, a strategic, global vision of possible solutions is required.
Only a professional who is aware of the global evolution, ready to timely update his knowledge, able to work in synergy, can build up a service which is correct and suitable for the requirements of any customer, either enterprise, professional or individual.
This long term and broad vision is shared by the professionals who work in Prospettiva Diritto and inspires their initiatives related to continuous training, specialization in subject areas and team work. The Firm followed complementary guidelines while applying such principles to its day-to-day legal practice: speciality and uniformity.


Our Firm guarantees that each single file is skilfully handled and entrusted to the professional, who, in consideration of his experience and accrued skills in the various matters, is better suited to manage it; under his supervision, the file is handled by specialized departments and work teams, in order to ensure the most thorough review of every issue related to each topic.
This organization is intended to minimize any possibility of error: according to the evaluation of the partners, which was carried out based on their past experience, as compared to the “classic” lawyer/customer relationship, a collegial approach to the handling of the files results to be more effective.
The constant exchange of opinions between two/three professionals, above all for the topics which are particularly difficult from a technical point of view or which require an approach which spans over multiple fields, appears to be the best way for preparing the most effective defence strategy.
All the above allows to provide the most skilful service possible, which seeks to meet the requirements of each single customer.
Moreover, special care is spent for meeting the time schedule set for the completion of each single task by our internal regulations, because we all share the opinion that a satisfactory reply to the expectations of our customers shall never leave aside the “time factor”.


Under the second aspect, the Firm adopted, for handling all the files, a uniformed procedure.
For each single entry, the personal and tax details of our customers and of their opposing parties (which are processed according to the legislation on confidentiality) are promptly collected and included in each file and in the IT management system.
The same applies to each litigation deadline and to each judicial document.
This allows to achieve a real-time monitoring of the history and the data of each single file and, above all, by adopting procedures which are uniformed, planned and governed by the above mentioned regulations, to minimize the risk of any error and/or oversight.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification

During 2013, the accrued experience and the Firm’s working processes, which have been gradually refined during the last years, were certified under UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards by the Certiquality certifying body.


Prospettiva Diritto has been the first law firm in the Vicenza province and one of the few in Italy that was granted with such quality certifications, which are the result of long and hard work, which the management of the Firm decided to undertake seeking to achieve an increasingly skilful and accurate service for its customers.