Civil, criminal, tax.
The Law.

Civil Law.

The Firm covers all the diverse fields of civil law.
Historically, in consideration of the particular attitudes of each founding member, the business focused more strongly on company consultancy, road accident liability, credit collection, contract law, property rights and real estate transaction.
However, the more “classic” fields of family law (with special care for the separation/divorce settlements and the provisions on protection of individuals), lease and condominium matters and labour law.
During the last years, also because of the thorough and innovative new case-law and legislation on the adjustment of the terms of the relationship between banks and their customers (enterprises or consumers), the Firm spent its efforts in improving their knowledge of legal theory and practice on bank law, in its different fields.
It is therefore able to offer solid and up-to-date legal consultancy covering bank contracts, including financial leasing contracts, which, increasingly, show only “in course of business” their harmful effects for the customer.

Criminal Law.

The Firm takes on the defence of persons under investigation for the alleged commission of crimes. It also supports customers, who were victims of offences having criminal relevance, in initiating their civil proceeding within the criminal action. If the case makes it advisable, the lawyers who are appointed with the case, work closely with their colleagues who specialize in the different legal fields concerned with the case (company, banking and financial law, tax law, labour law).
It is right in such cases that the decision taken by the Firm, i.e. allocate specific spheres of competence between professionals, results to be particularly appropriate.
Above all, with regards to crimes against property and offences related with labour accidents, the Firm deemed fundamental to employ, together with the professionals specializing in criminal law (who care, in particular, for the proceedings before the Court) other resources specializing in civil matters in order to ensure a thorough and integrated review of the case.

Tax law.

The Firm offers support and consultancy for tax disputes regarding corporate and business assets, individuals and real estate. It represents and defends the tax payer for tax-related criminal matters before the administrative or judicial authorities (tax commissions, ordinary and administrative courts) and assists him in the tax litigation reduction procedures (endorsement of Reports on Findings – PVC -, tax assessment settlements, etc.).
The Firm prepares professional opinions and provides support for the calculation of the main taxes, interests and penalties due in case of charges or settlement of disputes.